About ME

Blogging 101 said I should update my about me page. I thought I would test it out here and see how you feel about me.

I was born in The Bronx, NYC. I cut school to investigate the sewers and search for alligators. People were rumored to flush these as babies, picked up in Florida, down the toilet when they returned to NYC. Alligators roar much like a lion and luckily we never found any but we did find some interesting things. Often items stolen from stores would be stashed in a near by sewer. The East Village was a great hunting ground.

Even after moving out of The City I would return for dance classes and art lessons.

I have lived around the world except for the far east and India. I have never been to Hawaii or Ireland and want to visit both. I believe the happiest I was was when living in Paris, France. I can blend in with most cultures and learn the local customs quickly so I am often accepted into traditions held sacred or secret. Since I have always been interested in healing and all things psychic this became a fascinating adventure.

I have lived and worked for many Native American Tribes in the South West and Alaska. I was a vegetarian before it was “in” and started eating meat again in Morocco. Now I do what feels best for my body and energy level. Since I have stopped martial arts my desire for meat is very low. So perhaps we are what we eat or what we are determines what we eat.

I make pancakes from oatmeal, will eat cold spaghetti or pizza for breakfast and love good food but don’t I don’t live to eat. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood where the aunties would pick wild mushrooms. There is nothing quite like a wild mushroom and onion sandwich. My mother always threatened me that if I came home dead from eating the mushrooms she would kill me.

I believe in magic, ghosts and all things psychic. Once I called my mom at work and made her come home because there was a ghost running through the living room. I painted a picture of a boyfriend going through a hole in the sky and found out 2 days later that he committed suicide.

I love rainbows and where I live double rainbows are frequent visitors.

My attitude has changed as I have grown older and lived in different environments and with different cultures. I lived in Germany and Morocco working for the military and embassy changing my attitude towards the military to a much more positive one. I have no desire to be military although once while training for a marathon I was stopped by 2 requiters.

I am an artist and a dancer, have always been and always will be. I call myself an urban shaman, visual storyteller and my only true desire is to touch you in such a way that your life will change. Perhaps only for a spark in time or permanently but in that instant you inhale, time stops and you have entered the zone. I have used mirrors and fire in my art to create this. My dance style is modern and ethnic, interactive performances, as Jim Morrison said, “no one get’s out alive.”

I am ferociously loyal, don’t look back brave and if I love you I will defend you to the death right or wrong and if If I feel your ignorance you will see my eyes rolling like a 14 year old. Should I ever give up on you or stop loving it does not come back.

I relate to the demonstration: Take a China plate drop it, now it is broken, say you are sorry. Does that fix it?  What is broke is broke and if you break my heart or trust it remains broken.

I fear dinosaurs and aliens, clowns and get quisey around gingers.  ( I gave up trying to spell it, but you now that weird feeling of nerves in your belly.)

What do I want to do with my blog? Share a bit of my self but the end goal is to touch your heart, to alter a thought or feeling so if even just for a moment the world has tilted and you sigh, smile or cry. Maybe you just skip a breath and walk on.

So how did I do? Would you like to learn more? Did I bore you and you haven’t made it to the bottom of the page? Then you would not know I even asked.


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