Yotaki’s Neighborhood

Good Morning Neighbor! Welcome to the neighborhood!

As I stepped out from the yurt the other day I felt as if I walked into a bazaar Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood. Standing atop of the tallest pole, actually a long dead stalk of some kind was my turkey buzzard. He screeched at me which I shall take as,’Hello and all is clear”, message. I walked the path heading slightly in his direction so he showed me his large wing span and chest and then turned to show off a powerful back. “Hello vulture, welcome to the neighborhood.”

This morning looking out through the kitchen window I watched my cottontail nibble on the juicy young grass brought up by the monsoon rains. I have not seen the jackrabbits and wonder if the one with the extra long legs is fruitlessly trying to grow antlers and so become a jackalope this state is so well known for.

Sometimes I question the wisdom of Noah who let rattlesnakes, scorpions, no-see-ums on the ark and left gentle beautiful unicorns to drown. Perhaps this poses the question of what does or doesn’t exist.

I have a cardinal couple swing by each morning and evening. The red color so pour in nature and seldom found replicated.

The Killer Kows seem to have moved down the highway at least according to the police blotter on the final page of the weekly paper.

The lizards are multiplying yet travel alone, while the quail outnumber us all, live in a crowd, and just seem to grow fatter each day.

Butterflies come in all colors from black to yellow and orange the blue have yet to appear but they are all bountiful.

The neighbor’s dogs come to visit, get a treat and play. Although I have never seen them I hear the donkeys bray and the rooster crow.

Sometimes I hear my neighbor practice on the drums and I wish wildly that someone will buy him a metronome. Other than that this really is a lovely neighborhood. So……

Thank you neighbor, good bye and come again tomorrow. Please remember a hat, boots and long pants.


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