You do exist!

Lacking anything to read I went to the library. Having lived here 7 months I have read almost everything on the two floors with the exception of science fiction, music, and travel books so I ventured to the 3 walls of young adult reading. Pulling out a book that seemed mildly interesting I checked it out and began to read.
It is written by an English author from sometime after wwII. I do not care for English authors but one character appeared twice making the book somewhat worth while.
The man in the elevator has a small leather book with him. Each person who rides is recorded with a discriptive sentence, note on the weather and the date.
The second time he appears in the story a mother and son have returned to ride the elevator. He opens the book and shows them the page he recorded their original  trip.
Turning to the mother he smiles,”You do exist”, he says.
I have been thinking about that all day. I do exist or perhaps not. I may buy a pocket size book to record people I see that way they will exist. If by making you real does that in turn make me real? Do I or can I exist too?


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