Sometimes what you don’t know is what works

When I was in art school I did not know how everything worked or what I could or couldn’t do so some constructions were amazing successes and others disintegrated. Now I have been building or repairing a mobile home, chicken coops and other items of questionable heritage I have learned the rules do not always apply.

While building a foundation and sub-floor for my yurt I wanted something to reinforce the joints. I knew in my mind what was needed, have no idea if it exists or has a name until finally walking through the hardware store I checked out the sale items. (You never know) There was plastic trim for a screen door. Perfect it has a tiny piece that runs down the middle and wide edges that overlap each side of the floor.  The perfect part to fill a seam. I have no idea how it goes on a door but it is perfect for floor seams.

Even before the sub-floor was the foundation. Being a woman of 5’21/2″ tall I do have a certain amount of limitations so after lengthily research on the internet, you tube and conversations  with men in construction I went to a larger store and found 8’x10′ pine wood fence. Another jackpot. Using left over paint to weather protect and cause animals to reject as dinner (they are not supposed to like the taste of paint) I had a layer of my foundation that is strong, viable and needed only me, a garden wagon and s bit of brute force and karate screams to put in place. The fence looks like a gay Tom Sawyer dropped acid before painting but it is covered by insulation and a yurt, besides it makes me happy to know I have a joyful colored secret to walk or sleep upon.

Not having a bias or knowing that something can only be used one way opens a world of possibilities.

Fence posts and pallets have become ocean side boardwalks in my back yard or the dock to my water feature created by curving aqua metal recycled from the most extravagant mess of a chicken coop I ever saw.

I will try to embed a short video or multiple photos for those who are new and have not read previous posts. Unfortunately it is monsoon season and a huge gray/black cloud has enveloped the area therefore phones and electronic do not work well or at all. Therefore this post has no visuals.


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