Tag Lines

Blogging 101 assignment is to add or change a tag line. They suggest that it be funny, a pun, mostly eye catching and defining.  I call myself a Dream Dancer, an urban shaman because that is what I do and am. I tell visual stories, dance dreams into reality and I am a construction worker building an artist retreat on 10 acs of mountainous desert.

I have learned about medicine from nature, including herbs, aromatherapy, homeobotanicals, and essential oils. I practice energetic healing and have lived and worked on many reservations in the southwest, west and Alaska. Studied with Tibetan monks, Chinese medicine and energy worker, psychics, from my grandmother and father.

I am Russian Gypsy/Mongolian decent and have a rich history as a family of fighters for justice. Personally, I have lived in many countries with indigenous people of the area and learned not just medicinal practices but stories and art, dance food a new or different way of life. Within that I have seen the sameness that ties us together, the silver threads of time and wind.

I carry joy and sorrow. I have raised two children one of whom loves and respects me the other finds me an embarrassment at the best of times, mostly I am an abject of hate. I have been divorced, broken hearted, lost, struggled to recover my spirit until now when I have found a place of tranquility, peace and adventure.

I like to see the good in others acknowledge anther’s spirit, to walk in Beauty, or balance with all things.

I want to write the poem that makes you cry, paint the picture that brings you joy and create a sculpture/environment that shakes your reality . Drop a curtain that opens the tunnel so when you emerge from the cave you no longer are who you always have been but step into your being and are who you have always been.

I do not know how to write a tag line to express than and I do not wish it to be funny or cute nor to be a pun. I want to touch your heart so you can feel my whispers.


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  1. mireillesjourneytohealth
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 09:39:47

    Oooh! Excited to see you’re future posts! I stumbled upon your blog through blogging 101. I’m a healthy living blogger. I love all of the holistic natural stuff. I want to learn more. My background is in nutrition and fitness. I’m excited to see what I can learn from you!


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