And the mouse ran away with the……

A very wise and determined rodent was in the aluminum can (mobile home). It had been hiding seeds all about including my boot. Now it became a search and destroy mission to find all the sunflower seeds. The birds enjoyed what was left. Having avoided a chunk of what the package said was delectable mouse poison I needed to find a new method of rodent capture.

Off to the dollar store for sticky traps. They certainly stuck to my finger. As soon as I turned off the light I heard rustling in the kitchen. Then the sound of the trap shuffling about.  Off and on I could hear the trap make noise but no mouse of pack rat screams. So dreading the morning light I did the only thing possible, I went to sleep.

Armed with thick boots and what I hoped would be a strong stomach a morning check on the traps. one…two….three…..where was four?

The mouse ran away with the trap!

It seemed pretty wise so I hope it learned not to return and was able to rub against a cactus freeing itself from the sticky trap. Should it return I will have to resort to a more serious trap and nigher of us want that.


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