Prehistoric Pathway


As I was moving rocks to create a zen space a prehistoric reptile slithered up from behind me less than an arms reach from my left side.
I think it was the raccoon stripes before the rattle that mesmerized me. No sound but a soul stealing fear caused me to break out in a sweat.
This prehistoric reptile, over 6′ diamondback rattlesnake was closer than 2 feet from me moving soundlessly disappearing under my house.
It has been 2 days with no sign.
An Apache medicine man told me to place prayer ties in the 4 directions. A woman offered roadrunner feathers to attach to the ties. Road runners are a natural enemy to rattlesnakes. I am waiting for the feathers. Needless to say I keep looking over my shoulder when outside.
Some say to shoot it, others to relocate it. A few even offered to catch and relocate for me. The last offer is most interesting since the closest person making the offer is 30 minutes drive from my house, assuming they were already in the car.
So I only have one question: how does one entertain a 6′ diamondback rattlesnake for 30+ minutes.


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