Hon, you ain’t in Vegas

After working in the hot 102 degree sun I was ready for a shower. Thankfully I turned the water on and did not step into the tub because I just entered the worst science fiction movie ever. Even with a drain strainer this creature kept coming up and through into the tub. A good 8″ to 12″


One Arizona species, the giant desert centipede (Scolopendra heros), may obtain lengths of 8 inches or more. The bite from these large invertebrates is very painful.

Did I mention the 4′ rattlesnake that sat in the shade by my truck door a few weeks ago? Or the deadly translucent scorpion that came up while I was digging a hole for planting?

Some of you read about the killer cows preventing me from getting into my mailbox. Of course the multitude of fire ants and black widows.

20150618_103701_resizedKiller Kows

Then again I never saw a butterfly fight off a bee. The butterfly was calmly sitting on a flower when the bee came over and tried to push it out of the way. A few good strong wing flutters and the bee took off.


Or have jackrabbits and cottontails sit within a foot from me.


Or see the twig I planted grow into a tree with baby figs.


Don’t know where it is heading but I can dance on this ride.


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