Warnings, Threats, and Darkness

First warning came a few days ago via the phone warning app. Sever thunderstorms. High winds. Here that means flooding and the desert turns to white water with winds 45 to 65 MPH.  It did not occur.

Again today the sky grew gray, wind blustered with bravado and the sun came out. So I watered the roses and chocolate mint plants. The dark sky hung over Mexico heading this way.  Having been struck by lighting at the age 27 I am very cautious about electricity and changed the 2 burnt bulbs while the sun still shone.

The wind kicked up and the sky darkened but still no rain.

I washed 2 pairs of jeans and hung them out on the line. Now the wind is singing, the clouds are thick and the air heavy.  An eerie stillness announcing darkness encroaching. Rain threatens.

Promises kept

Promises broken

We shall see


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