Today I spent 5 hours working on the rim.measured 3 times, cut a new piece of nonstretch string, which does stretch by the way and with teeth clenched banded, screwed and anchored the rim.
When I was at the lumber yard looking for angles and screws the lady thought I was nuts.
Loudly, proclaiming
, ” You want to screw a curved wall to a flat floor! What you ate taking off the wall!” I tried to walk away saying someone else said they would help. She just looked at me huffed and harumphed shouting no one can help you.
I expressed my idea to my old helper friend who suggested short 1″ angles and a bendable metal band to hold the board ends together. It fit exactly with my thinking. Today I screwed it all into place. Exhaustion and wind had me quiting after 5 hrs.
Tomorrow I will caulk the seams then do something fun. Maybe check out Tombstone Wyatt Erup days.   After the caulking I still need to add some missing floor sections and paint.
With all the measuring and non stretch cord circumference I am not sure how that happened but  ot surprised.





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