Soaking Boards

Soaking boards sounds easy. But nothing is easy in this builder’s world. I thought I could fill the wheel barrow with water.


Wheelbarrow leaks.
So I slowly turned on the hose and let it run over the boards.


Only problem was the earth is almost totally clay and with all the underground gopher tunnels I sank down in mud over my ankle. Glad it was only one foot and I was wearing my work boots.
Not having any two leggeds to help I requested assistance from the stone people.


With the help of the stone people and water I was able to bend and place the boards. These will become the rim.
To prevent water dropping into the seams I covered them with tape. As you can see the. Black gorilla glue tape held and the duck tape was a total waste of time, energy, and money.  Don’t buy it.
Of course the winds are 40 mph with gusts higher so I am greatful the rim boards have remained in place and are drying to a curve. Tomorrow morning the winds should be calmer so I will glue them down then.


Meanwhile I have been painting a dragon behind the tree of life for the floor of the yurt (ger ) and a windhorse. Last night I started the paper bag floor which will be transfered to the yurt as well.


Windhorse  is incomplete.


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