Tore Up

Sometimes you just have to tear things up and start fresh, or almost fresh. Things were not level the heat popped out the nails and screws just stopped co_operating halfway in.
So I did the the only thing I could. I tore up the floor and rebalanced it. Now all that measuring and leveling had no effect on the floor. Actually I don’t thing they effected anything other than to increase my frustration and stress levels.


Starting the destruction mode.


Then on to the reconstruction. No levels in sight. I leveled off the space filling in needed support the gently placed the panel down. After placing 3 I walked all over shifting weight and balance. If nothing moved I went on to add another until every thing lay quite and still. Somehow there is a strip of space 2 1/2″ -3″ & 4′ long that has to be filled in. But it is all good.
I had thought I would be putting up the rim today but guess that will be tomorrow. I need to nail the boards into place and measure the circumference for the rim.
Yes, I said measure.



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