Pissed Off

At first I was hurt but now I am just a little pissed off. My neighbor brought her boyfriend around to see my project. He spent 10 years building what was called his plywood house and has never been finished. Supposedly he is an expert builder.
They come over and she starts acting like the “dumb” female which perhaps you can get away with at 21 but a 60plus retired teacher is just becomes annoying.
They inspect my platform and look around the property making judgements not what I agreed to hosting. I think she wanted to show off her “goodlooking” friend. A few hours after they left knowing better but doing it anyway, I called to see if the expert builder had any opinion on my platform. His comment was, ” hope it doesn’t blow away in the wind.”
I knew I shouldn’t have asked and felt hurt but after awhile I text her saying if he had a suggestion to make it more wind resistant to let me know. I never heard back and really don’t care to. See I am in the pissed off stage.
After putting on a coat of paint I took a break to go to the library. When I returned I checked the foundation. It has not moved. It may not look as neat and tidy as a licenced


contractor builder but it is strong. 
She got stuck on the water around the washing machine and how that would attract mosquitoes. I tried explaining I was changing hoses and I don’t plan on breeding mosquitoes. But she was busy playing dumb and got stuck on stuck.
Here it is painted. Tomorrow I will add on the needed extra 2 feet and start the circular rim.


I don’t understand why a woman feels the need to act dumb around a man nor why if you criticize something you can’t offer a remedy.
I have gone this far without any help I can finish without help.


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