Why Measure

I can’t recall how many times I have measured and remeasured. I have finally gotten to the inside floor the platform and rim.
Once again I am standing here wondering why I measured and leveled. Nothing is level after adding insulation and tar paper. I have no idea why or how it has changed.
First brilliant idea is to use the planks I bought for floor as a sun shaped support system. I measure 8’2″ to create a circumference of 16’4″.


I do the pencil on a string to create a circle. Parts of the circle extend past the platform, which I expected. A number of boards will have to be cut.
Let’s find center an a scrap of 2×4 makes a t for length and width. Not sure how but of course it is not centered but it works.


As I rearrange the boards it is obvious nothing is even or level. I add a board here a 2×2 or 4×4 there and a 1×6 over there. Somehow this is working out just fine.


Placing the osb board on top all is level. I had the boards cut into 4′ squares for ease of handling.
The next idea is to expose some of the nice boards between the panels.


Since I did not prep plan there is no exact pattern.


I am very happy with the results. I need to have one piece cut into two 16″ panels and I can secure everything down.
Some of you may remember my paper bag floor. The plan is to do that on the panels and stain the wide boards.
Since the yurt is authentic Mongolian I will paint a dragon on the tree of life for the entrance and still undecided as to what will be in the center. The blue wolf and bear are traditional totems, or the eyes of Buddha, or perhaps an om symbol. Well, there is till time for all that.


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