Rabbit Relations

Yesterday afternoon I watched the rabbits perform a dance of spring. 3 rabbits first appeared to be engaging in the daily hunt for food and a game of tag when one sprang straight up about 4 feet. One of the 3 just kept eating. The third rabbit started to engage in vertical bounces. When they simply stopped to eat suddenly the second rabbit who feign indifference looked up. With power and grace the first rabbit went directly up and over the third and the chase began.
This evening I went out to water my freesia and pinapple sage both extremely thirsty and as I walked back I almost collided with yesterday’s rabbit. I had the odd feeling of acceptance. That I am simply another resident of the yard treated to the same indifference given the quail.
Inside I looked out the kitchen window to see a quail kicking up a dust and digging in the mud next to the just watered plants. This digging, wiggling, sitting and digging continued for about 5 more minutes until the quail shook off the dust and strolled on.
As soon as the quail disappeared a small red cardinal flew down to eat from the grapefruit I put out. This was not the older cardinal who watches me rather a young one.
On the other side a small bird with a yellow belly tried entering through the wall finally giving up but carried away some fibers for it’s nest.
It was a busy town again tonight. I am begining to recognize my neighbors and feel they are accepting me. Such a strange adventure that this is.


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