Balancing act

Went to work on the platform today as the wind went to work on me.  There was one section that still needed insulation installed. As I climbed up to reach the middle everything was fine. As I reached over to the edge the middle flipped up. Then the wind gusts kicked up blowing off insulation. Oh yeah, this was going to be a fun day.


Placed rocks to hold down insulation while I cut and glued in the missing sections. Certainly I can’t leave the foundation tipsy so off to the store for 6 more concrete blocks.
Checking under for scorpions or rattlesnakes and finding none I pushed in blocks to firm up the foundation.


Cut and firmed up the insulation the wind caught, locked it down and started to roll out the tar paper. Wind blew that up and over fault to get it back and laying flat. Using the special tape I rolled out the tar paper until the last 3 feet when I ran out of tape.
Tomorrow I will get more tape and make nice seams.
Finished water sealing the boards and set them to dry.
Tomorrow I will check a final measure for lumber buy what is needed and begin the circle.

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