Bought the Beer

Let me take you for a walk down my construction path.


After measuring, leveling, plumb bobbing I scattered salt to cleanse and make the space sacred.


Day 2 of remeasure relevel.


Final measurements. Glued 2×4 to blocks although they survived 35 to 46 mph gusts I just wanted extra security.


Blessed each concrete block with white sage, tobacco, stones, seashells and mother earth. Burned sage and tobacco prayers.



And now how to transport 8’x10′ gates to be used as the lower level of the foundation.




Now to coat the exposed side with water repellent. The opposite side has already been painted.


Tomorrow I glue down the insulation and cover with inside plywood. Last is to build the rim which again entails measuring and bending into a rim.
Not looking forward to measuring which must be EXACT.
Bringing us back to the beer. I bought it. First gulp was crisp juicy apple the next just tasted like beer. I think it was gone in two swallows. The hot afternoon sun does that to you. Of course the oatmeal raisin Gelato was in the freezer and topped it off.
That’s an update on life in the aluminum  can and my new life as a construction worker.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shelley8888
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 23:52:36

    It all coming together! Good Job Ms. Fix It!


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