Why Construction workers drink

I think I know why construction wo r kers drink beer. I worked all day from 7 to 1:30 when the temperature went over 79. Earlier I battles the winds at 16 to 25 mph gusts it seemed tame compared to yesterday at 35 to 46mph gusts.
So I measured balanced, leveled, plumb bobbed dug dirt, piled dirt, sat in dirt, tasted dirt and finally styled concrete block and glued down 2x4s.


After I dug two metal pole out of my entrance so I can drive  my truck closer to the Construction site with the heavy materials.
The last hour was hot and I kept thinking about the apple beers I saw advertised. Of course they look so cold and refreshing.
I went in, showered and drove down the mountain to the market. In the refrigerated case was a 6 pack of apple beer. It looked good but the next isle has ice cream. Oatmeal raisin cookie Gelato won.
Honestly, I don’t hardly drink and never beer but maybe the next time I will try one of those apple beers.


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