I hate

I hate numbers, measuring, rulers,levels and all mathematical things that are exact.
I have 8 pieces of graph paper that I have detailed, measured, counted, and drawn to exact proportion a foundation. Researched, printed, discussed lumber, pounds per square inch, weather and more. Printed 10 more diagrams, plans and I am not sure what.


Before measuring distance and leveling cinder block.


After measuring and leveling each individual block.
But there is no calculation for reality. Liquid nails doesn’t always adhear precisely even when clamped. Screws can crack 2×4’s and sometimes nails work better even if they have a reputation for working their way out.
No matter how many people offer to help they will always be too busy except for the man on the tractor who is now on holiday with his wife.
So if the floor of my yurt is not exactly level I promise I shall not play marbles inside. And if for some unknown reason I do I will not blame it on the level, ruler or other measuring device.


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