A Jackalope

A jackalope crossed the road right in front of my truck making me break hard so I did get a close look at him. He was young and it is early spring so he didn’t have antlers yet but I swear there were little nubs on his head.

I don’t know what you believe, I hardly know what I believe, which can always change, but I do believe my white rose petals were kissed by the fairies or how else could they have gotten pink smudges overnight? I do believe kindness and honesty frightens most people and they distrust goodness but that doesn’t stop me. In the words of a famous “man”. “I yams what I yams.” Popeye the Sailor man. I can not say what you see is what you get, as I have no idea what you see through your blinders built from your life experiences. We all wear our own filters, none more right nor wrong than the others.

I know I was born and lived in a time of change, on the cusp, where being a single mom was hardly acceptable and I could not get insurance without a legitimate job. So instead of living my life as the artist I am and so strongly was, I conformed to society and became a teacher. Had I been true to self things would have been different. I see all these start ups and cheer. Go for it! Follow your heart and don’t be swayed.

I believe I have the sweetest UPS man deliver my packages. He will let me ride in the rumble seat even if it is only down the driveway ( 1/4 mile). His birthday is on the 6th and I told him I would bake him a cake but who knows what route he will take.

I more than believe but know the magnificent red cardinal in my yard observes me. I will look up and find him watching me with a knowing in his eyes. I would buy more bird seed but the fat quail eat it all and chase away the smaller birds. Quail do not know how to share.

The family of crows here are so huge they would be called ravens in Alaska but being fat doesn’t make you change species.

It is now 7AM and the temperature has gone up to 56 So with 3 shirts on I should be able to carry lumber, glue and screw/nail without frostbite. At least that is what I believe………….. but we shall see.


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