What happens when it Rains….

What happens when it rains at the Aluminum Can.


When it rains it floods and when you live in an Aluminum Can on the side of a mountain in the desert you make plans based on how much water is moving about you. Or is about to move rapidly.

First thing to do is drive the 30 mile round trip to feed the horses. They are kept 15 miles away on an unpaved road with ditches deep enough for me to disappear in. At 7 am the rain was light but increasing in force and intensity rapidly. I didn’t stay to brush my large friends but did sneak them a little extra grain. It was my last day feeding them.


Passing my turn off I saw the Boarder Patrol with 2 ATV’s on a trailer, yesterday it was horses. I wonder if rain brings out boarder crossers, and continued on to the supermarket. 50 degree cold wet day screams for homemade spaghetti sauce. It was wonderful to be there on a Sunday morning at 8 am without all the meat shaming holier than thou shoppers. I am sorry but there is no way to make sauce without meat.  I bought my supplies and drove back, passing the Boarder Patrol still sitting at the end of the turn off and drove up the mountain as the rain let loose.

Fresh herbs, tomatoes and spices simmering on the stove left me wondering what to do. Obviously there was only one answer, wash clothes. Since the washing machine is still broken it means washing clothes in the kitchen sink and hanging it out to dry in the rain. I love to hang my clothes out in the rain to dry. Why? Because it gives them an extra rinse and the rain softens the clothes. The one thing I have not figured yet is why I wring out the water before hanging them up, but some things are just not to be understood.

By 3pm it required lighting a fire and warming up the aluminum can. I am thankful I keep a supply of wood near the stove even though it has been in the 70’s/80’s it does drop down to 50, today’s temperature.

Now it can rain on, I am warm, two loads of clothes have been hung out to dry in the rain, and the sauce is ready to eat. It is cozy inside the aluminum can and wait! The rain is stopping! The doves are crowding the bird feeder, birds are flying but the sky is still heavy and gray. A beautiful day at the aluminum can.


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