Toe Reading

I spent the morning doing toe readings at the farmer’s market. Bought fabulous home made, home grown foods, cheese, olives greens bake goods oh so amazing.
Then I went and fed my friends horses. TC and Butters.


Came back home unloaded the truck ate some olives, heated a tortilla with homemade Mexican cheese, and green chilli salsa as I watched a rabbit hop about the yard eating dinner as the quail played follow the leader.

What is contentment? Is it the joy of being at peace? The relaxation from no longer needing to do or be what someone else wants me to be or do? Or even caring if that person who once was so important not only doesn’t love you but professes to hate you. The calm inside the storm which has eliminated the storm.
It is amazing when one can actually understand the definition of a word, not only use it but be it.


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