Busy Town

7AM and it is a busy town outside. The birds exchange greetings, announcing new found food sources and weather predictions. This is normal but when I looked out the kitchen window I noticed a jackrabbit checking out the new roses I planted. A second rabbit began hunting the fresh clipped grasses and a third hopping back and forth.  By silent signal a game of chase began.

Birds of brilliant color, Cardinals, Blue Jays/ Desert Cardinals, Robins and starlings and birds I never saw before took flight back and forth as the quail and morning doves settled into their morning routine. It was my plan to complete planting the roses before it got hot. The white ice box roses are to thrive at the entrance and Tombstone Roses beside the aluminum can and a flowering plant claiming to attract hummingbirds, under the bird feeder.

The sky a heavy blue gray, clouds full with water  holding a false promise of rain a regal reign over the skies.

Beauty in the melding of sky and land.

Each day is memorable

each night full of wonder

To live in sync with nature




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