Lov’n Life

First release my guilt. Yes, I should have stayed home and made art for a show on 3/21 and worked on building a platform for my yurt or finished painting walls or….. Yes, the list goes on. Instead I agreed to work the farmer’s market for my friend. It was a cold day with spots of sun. I took a stroll around the market stopping to look at some earings. As I passed the stall next a young man said,” hello georous” auto response was “hello handsome.” He gave me a lovely handmade paracord keychain.  Nice!

After 5 hours standing and selling I bought a homemade pizza, feta and articoke, delicious!

Returned unsold items to the shop got paid and went to the gallery next door for a cup of hot tea and a visit.  There was a musician videotographer we talked about an hour and agreed to collaborate on an art project. 

Last week I stopped into a gun shop with a .22 rifle I have owned since I was 7. He was so excited to see a Winchester he took it apart and cleaned it for me. I told him about another gun and he asked me to show him the revolver. So today I did. 

He loved it. Cleaned it and tried to buy it. I wasn’t interested in selling since the only reason I have a rifle and revolver is because I live in the wilderness and need protection from posionous snakes and other wild “beasts”.  So he looked in back and gave me some snake shot. 

I don’t know about you but finding friendly open and generous people is delightful. I was given 2 surprise gifts and numerous hugs not to mention compliments, even my braid was complimented. I don’t say any of this to brag just to say how kind people are and how I love being alive. 

Lovin’ life


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  1. Janni Styles
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 21:01:43

    Lovely, Yotaki, just lovely 🙂


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