I’m not in Kansas

I woke up this morning in the same place I went to bed. I am grateful for that.

Last night we had winds of 32 to 48 miles an hour. The alum can was rocking and rolling. I went on line seeking comfort only to find out that 50 mile an hour winds for 3 seconds can blow over an alum can. (trailer)

The winds are now 12 to 30 miles an hour and so far all I have found are some wooden boards blown down and a garden gate blown (I hope) opened. I was half way hoping some of the bird cage buildings would have been blown down so I didn’t have to tear them down but of course that didn’t happen. Which is all good because I did buy a bright yellow hard hat to wear while working on that and I do want the opportunity to sport it.

So here I am in the same place as I was.


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