Hello Ma, I don’t feel good

After a week of text messages and changing symptoms I thought I would post a few of my natural remedies  for all the sons and daughters out there who don’t feel good.

Prevention is best but if you feel the aches and warning signs come on here are a few suggestions.

First like Grandpa advised eat that vitamin C. Wash your hands and avoid sick people.

Body aches, feel tired no energy: grate fresh ginger and make some hot tea. while you are drinking the tea run a bath with grated ginger steeped in hot water. Filter out the ginger when you pour the water in the tub. Add a cup of Epson salt and 1/2 cup sea salt or Himalayan salt. Soak in the tub for 30 minutes. This is also a good preventive measure and detox technique.

For people who don’t like a bath or the very young soak the feet in warm water with ginger root.

You have waited too long and your stomach is not happy. Black tea, not green black tea helps to settle the stomach. If you are over 21 and have a cough add a shot of whiskey or brandy and sugar. top with a thin slice of butter.

Stomach sick or you have thrown up get some black liquorish the real stuff or butterscotch hard candy take you time sucking on it.

Congested? Start chewing gum. I learned this from a doctor it helps clear the sinuses.

Steam: boil water in a pot, add rosemary as it boils. Carefully take the pot off the flame and place on a table. sit comfortable with your face over the steam from the pot and cover your head with a towel.  Strain the rosemary from the water saving the water to use as a rinse for your hair next time you wash it. Rosemary is terrific for growing healthy thick hair.

Breathing the steam will loosen the congestion so have tissues handy but blow gently or you can damage the ear drum.

Congestion making you dizzy? Lay on your back with a couch pillow or large cushion under your shoulders so your head is lower than shoulders. Bend knees and turn them to the right, turn head to the left. This will get the tiny rocks in the ears back into place and reset equilibrium. Works great on vertigo as well. Hold position for one minute reverse position and hold for another minute. Stay on your back face up for a minute before rising.

Really feeling sick and ready to do anything to feel better. Boil water. While the water boils press 3 cloves of fresh garlic. Catch all the juice and the pieces in a glass mason jar or the equivalent. Grate one small yellow onion, catch all juice and pieces add to jar. 1/10 to 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, One tablespoon of honey ( do not substitute) Add boiled water and let sit. Have the top on tightly so you can shake while steeping. Drink hot. Try to drink 3 cups within an hour. You should be fine before morning.

Stuffy nose: brew some strong hot black coffee. No cream or sugar you are not drinking it. Hold the cup up to your nose and mouth and inhale the steam. The coffee helps open the bronchial tubes.

Great Grandma’s favorite was to slather on vics vapor rub on neck and chest and wrap your neck in red flannel. Do not go outside with vics on you get cold.

Of course chicken soup, hot and sour soup, crackers, and rice pudding.

Hope you feel better soon!


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