Rough day at the Aluminum Can

Rough day
So here is me whining. It all started last night. Once again I learned to listen to my intuition.
As I walked to the wood pile a warning flashed. Be careful the wood has nails!
It sure does. I gently felt one push its way up through the sole of my boots, sock and into my foot. The warning was there I just didn’t listen. On the other side I was ready it just broke the skin, more bruise than blood. I have had a tetanus shot, and use doterra essential oils. After washing the puncture with on guard soap I put melaleuca oil on and then Correct X. By morning it was fairly invisible.
The night wasn’t over.
Feeling I needed a little comfort I poured a cup of sangria. Seeing a black widow I put the cup down next to my open MacBook. The warning passed through my head but I had to smash the spider. Yep, the wine spilled. I thought I wiped it up until 10 minutes later the computer crashed. There was a puddle under the base. Finally after on off crashing the computer got working. I thought about using a hair dryer on it but since the electric wiring was fixed this morning and I didn’t want the computer turning off I left it.
This morning the computer still worked but the keyboard didn’t. My brilliant daughter said it was likely still wet and being daylight I used the dryer. It worked. Only 0,9,l and cursor arrows didn’t work. I thought I would give it one more blast before I left. In one second I melted 4 keys and they still don’t work.
Only thing to do:lock the door and go to town. Visiting my friend’s store.
The day ended with with me being offered a part time job. A fun job.
So I am excited and frustrated because now posts need to be made via smartphone.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kitti
    Feb 06, 2015 @ 17:16:42

    Mamma said there’d be days like this.


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