Hard Work and Fun at the Alum Can

The temperatures being in the high 70’s spurred me to get some work done. It didn’t hurt that I dreamed about baby snakes.

I took about an 10′ x 4′ sheet of metal off the chicken coop the other day and brought it over to the alum can, dug a trench placed it in and proceeded to find out the nails ACE promised would be perfect could not dent much less hold the metal in place. I tried to caulk it but the tube exploded and it wouldn’t have held any way, so I taped it up with hot pink duck tape and held it in place with a few rocks. I went back to the chicken coop to remove some more sheets but it was an impossible task. That was yesterday.

Today I messed around with the washing machine and each time I moved it the covering cooperated but the inside did not. Did you know the machine’s tub stays full of water. So I think you wash in the last loads water. It could just be mine though. After a frustrating hour I moved on to something more constructive. Washing my clothes in the sink. When I lived in Morocco I had to wash clothes in a concrete tub. This is not an activity I want to get back into.

There are many structures that need to come down. I walked around staring at what once was a parrot cage. The wire mesh would be perfect for the alum can skirt to be covered with concrete or slumpcrete.

photo 2-10I had already taken off some screen when I took the photo. I removed enough of the screen to cover the west and half of the north side. I was able to drag it to the alum can for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will screw it into the trailer and cover with concrete.

All the while I worked my boss watched closely without lending a paw. No barked commands so I am fortunate.

photo 1-7As you can see she found a nice shady spot to sleep.

I actually think this is the perfect solution to mice and snakes while even providing a bit of insulation. It also saves cash by recycling materials on hand at the same time removing ugly useless structures that would need to be removed anyway. As they say in the world of business a :win win situation. I think by the time I am actually finished you would never know it started life as a 1950’s aluminum can. It is amazing to be me.


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