Bad Day at the Alum Can

After a week of wonderful hot water the pilot went out this morning. I had to wait until daylight to light it but I am getting good at it so. About 8 I thought I would take the back off the washer to see why it leaked. After a long struggle finally got the back off checked but did not see any leak. As luck of the day continued. I could not get the back on and the insides moved. It was like trying to push the guts back inside the frog your high school biology teacher made us dissect.
Drove to town for some materials. I decided to take the metal siding off the chicken coop and use it on the alum can to keep out mice and snakes. So I unscrewed it from the chicken coop and dragged 9′ long by 4′ high sheet to the front of the alum can. Pulled out the caulking which blew its container. Wasting what was inside and making the gun useless fur future use. I dug a trough to fit in the sheet metal positioned it tried to screw it into the wall but the screws couldn’t puncture the metal. Piling stones and 2x4s to hold it in place I moved on.
Not sure it was a good idea l got the chain saw and cut up 3 logs. Safely.
The dogs came by for a treat and I sat down to a quick sketch with my watercolors.

Alls well that ends well.


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