Serendipity: fortunate happenstance, happy surprise

Today when I opened my MacBook there was a dead fly on the screen. a 3-D once alive fly. How it got there and committed suicide I have no idea but it was there. Last night was full of violent wind whipping and whirling around about midnight the rains began and the temperatures dropped. The morning was dark, cold and wet with rain sporadically falling.

About 11AM it cleared up and I went out looking for green and tourquise stones in the yard. The fed -x man honked. I had a package. I began working on the alum can about 7:30 this morning, cutting and putting down flooring, adding texture paste, cleaning and rebuilding the chain saw, cutting wood and now gathering stones. I went inside to open a wonderful present from Steve and Kitti.  I did some more construction. Re-framing the door, adding a wind block, hammering and caulking. The sun lasted for only 30 minutes and by 3:30 I was ready for a break.

This is where the serendipity comes in. I opened my package a birthday gift. Inside a fantastic ginger body scrub. Just what I needed. A hot hot soak and scrub. Nothing heals like a hot bath with ginger for a tired body. By the time I finished the sun came out and two lovely pups were demanding their daily treat. We only had 15 minutes to play until the sky clouded over and the day grew dark.

I went back inside made a cup of tea and read a book.

I am so thankful for the scrub it was a perfect gift on a perfect day. It made the gloom of a cold dark day disappear.  Natural healing comes in many packages and reaches on many levels, body, mind, heart and spirit. There is something to be said for simple pleasures and kind hearted people.

Sometimes words actually do what their meaning says. Serendipity.


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