HappyBirthday ……to me

Tomorrow, Jan. 9 is my birthday. This year it is a sad one. My aunt died, a few months ago, only no one told me. I found out when I tried to call and wish her a happy birthday. It was always a yearly thing, my birthday being Jan. 9, her’s Jan. 10, and my brother Jan. 11. I won’t hear the sound of her voice, “Hi, Hunneey” she had a way of dragging out honey so the word wrapped around you like a strong hug. She always dressed like she was going to church and had red red nails. She was a great lady with a big heart. so this year will be a little sad.Happy birthday Aunt Jo.

This is my first birthday here and I have made acquaintances but no friends so no one to celebrate with. Of course I get text and a few calls from my friends in Las Vegas but it’s not the same. My brother and his wife sent me a great present and I can’t wait to use the body scrub. I worked hard on construction in the Aluminum Can and need the relaxation.

I made friends with the cop in old town, they say the town is Mayberry on acid, and I think so. Who stops and chats with the cop. It was lovely. This would never have happened in Vegas. There is a shop owner who greets me with a hug but he and his boyfriend are in a rough spot so I try not to be an interference. There is my 72 yr old nudist neighbor who would love to have me visit and share some wine but that’s a visual I really don’t need. Another neighbor is in Mexico for 3 months and I have been playing with and caring for her dogs. (read morning visitors) She does not allow them inside otherwise I would have had them with me last night. It was a cold, violently strong wind and rain. A warm furry body would have been nice.

Sometimes I think about my time up at Wildflower Village in Reno and all the fabulous folks there and miss it. I really am a social being.

So I do want to thank all of you who read my posts, like or subscribe to my blog. It really means the world to me. thank you so much for hearing me and seeing me maybe even feeling me.

So if it sounds like I am mournful and a bit self indulgent I am. But tomorrow is a new day, my birthday, the start of a new year for me. To life!

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