Wisdom from an Aluminum Can

Day 4 of the new year and I have learned so much.

This morning I caught my toaster and hammer making eyes at each other. I think it is too late to move the toaster. What I learned is one must be very careful where you place an object and who might see it.

photo 2-6meet the HAMMER photo 1-4MS TOASTER

2. An easy no tool assembly closet will take 11/2 hours to put together. And then you have to hang up your clothes! Also when you are 5’2″ tall and the closet is 64″ be thankful you do have one chair to stand on.

3. It doesn’t matter if you fix the outside of the washing machine and the inside still leaks.

4. Water freezes. We all know that but when you actually see ice coming out of a water hose it makes obvious sense. The odd part is you have never used the water hose.

5. Finally learning how to make a hot fire is fantastic except when the linoleum floor inside the alum can begins to melt perhaps the fire is too hot.

6. When the sun shines everything is better.

7. I do wish the pitter patter of little feet I hear belonged to my grandchildren and not mice trying to break into the alum can.


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