Frozen or Kick the Can

Singing let it go isn’t going to work today. Last night the pilot on the water heater went out again which was expected at some point just a major pain. This morning the pipes are frozen. At 8AM it is 16 degrees out. I thought I moved to Arizona not Alaska. As the saying goes been there done that don’t want to go back.

The girls, my morning visitors came by at 7:30 for their treat and I met them outside so they walked the water line with me and I can not find any exposed or broken spaces.  There are 5 homes that share the well so the issue could be with another or it could just be frozen until the sun warms things up.

I returned back to the alum can with the dogs to look under the trailer to see if I could see a broken pipe or frozen water. I saw nothing. But the dogs saw something. I am hoping it is a mouse they are chasing away and not tearing apart any electric lines or pipes.

So this morning things inside an aluminum can are not good. It could be worse I still have electric, heat and enough water to make coffee. Life IS good.


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