Let me introduce you to…….

If you have read my earlier post about 2 morning visitors you will know Coda and Huny Bunch but if you haven’t yet let me introduce you.

photo 2-5This beauty is Huny Bunch. At first she acts very aloof but if you act like you don’t care she comes over asking for attention. Now when she sees me she bounces like there are springs in her feet. She will head but me until I play tag and wrestle with her. If I am not looking she covers me with kisses. Unfortunately her long fur collects burrs. When she is focused on eating I comb her and was even able to cut a few mats out. The first thing she did was to roll in the leaves so unfortunately this is how she posed for her photo shoot.

photo 1-1Coda loves to be combed and have her belly rubbed. She is the leader although not the alpha. Unfortunately Coda had very painful arthritis in her left hip that causes her to limp. It doesn’t stop her from running through the desert to my place. I hear her gentle whine at about 7:30 each morning even with the cold and frost. The whine turns into a commanding bark if I do not have my boots and jacket on ready with a treat.

After the morning treat they scout my yard. Try and get more treats but I have been warned they only can have one. It isn’t until they leave that the birds come out.  It is a perfect way to start the day.


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