Adventures in an Aluminum Can

So it is the day of new year eve should be getting ready for my new mattress and box springs delivery. Well, that’s not happening. Changes in delivery so I won’t have a bed until mid-January. I can deal with that you can’t miss what you don’t have right?  Instead of getting ready to go to town for tonight’s festivities my toilet tank stops filling and I become a master plumber.

Why doesn’t it fill? Google says I need a new fill tank thing. In the meantime I take my spanner and dis connect the flexible hose that runs water into the tank suspiciously nothing is coming through. But what do I know Google says it is the tank thing which doesn’t look like any one I have ever seen. I bang and scrape a bit knocking off calcium and other crystals and a tiny drips falls.

Okay, it is noon and nothing seems to be changing so it qualifies as needing a run into town. Off I go first to the Dollar stores and finally to my friendly but expensive hardware store. Blah blah blah the salesman shows me this and that. Bob and weave and I rush back to try his suggestions. Now they close in 45 minutes and nothing has worked so I race back down the mountain. This time I speak to the plumbing expert who tells me it sounds like my pipes are frozen.  That doesn’t make sense since all the other water spouts work but she thinks I should crawl under the aluminum can and inspect the pipes.

That is not gonna happen!

I do know that when she starts talking eventually she will strike gold. She shows me a replacement kit and flexible hose. Tells me to get a wire and clean out the hose and….. her voice goes into Charlie Brown mode because I think the hose is the problem. Just in case and since it is new years eve and no one will be open tomorrow and I would like to be able to flush for a few days I buy all the parts. The first piece I replace is the flexible hose and water flows.  I knew it wasn’t a frozen pipe. As luck would have it the piece I just bought is too short. So before I start breaking parts that look like they might just still work I push the wire through the old hose run it under hot water to clear it out reattach, turn on the water flow and bingo the tank starts running like a river. All is well and in two days I will return the unnecessary purchase.

I did learn a number of good survival techniques and truths about living on well water. One of her suggestions was to buy a water filter that goes on the pipe bringing water into the alum can. That sounds like an excellent solution for avoiding new crisis.

So the old year closes on a high note and welcomes in a new adventure.

photo 1photo 2I know the aluminum can doesn’t look like much now but just wait until I post what the inside remodel looks like and create a veneer.


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