Eggnog Butternut Soup YUM!

Today I was feeling a little off so I thought homemade soup would be the perfect solution. I had baked to soft but not done butternut squash last night thinking I would finish it today but plans change.

I drove to town needing to complete a few chores and thought I would stop at the supermarket and return home.  Armed with an onion and some chicken broth (vegetarians can use vegetable broth) and eggnog. Sometimes it is just too difficult to pass up 50% off on eggnog.

Cut up an onion, I prefer small squares but do it as you prefer. And cook them in coconut oil until a golden translucent color. While you are doing this skin the butternut squash and cook fully in the broth. If you plan ahead then you can make the broth from scratch but there was no planning ahead today. I added broth to keep the squash afloat. Add a tiny bit of sea salt and black pepper and a good shake of Cinnamon.  I sell Doterra oils so I added 3 drops of wild orange and 2 drops of lemon oil and mixed.  The squash should now be soft and the broth hot. Slowly add 1/4 cup of sherry and eggnog. DO NOT BOIL.

Put in a bowl and enjoy.

You can use grated rind of orange and lemon if you want but with all the chemicals I like the natural organic oils. If you want to learn more about Doterra please visit my website at:

Please check that the page says Yotaki welcomes you or if the link does not work.

Enjoy your soup!


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