How To Eat Swiss Cheese

The other day I bought some excellent thin sliced Swiss cheese. One must enjoy a gourmand delight in the proper fashion. I shall share that with you.
First hold the slice vertically. Get a visual on the location of all the holes so you know how to proceed. If any side has a half hole you must eat that first.
To inhale the holes first the flavor will burst on the tongue and prepare for what is to come.
First inhale the open or half holes with a curl of the tongue. If you do not catch the inhale with a curl the flavor is lost. Next inhale the holes in a zigzag fashion from top down. Wait for a few moments before actually biting into the cheese slice.
Now some of you doubt the benefit of eating the holes first so I suggest you break one slice in half so you know it is the same piece. Inhale and chew the first slice. Wait a minute inhale coffee grounds to clean the pallet and then chew the second half in your usual fashion.
I guarantee from this point on you will enjoy Swiss cheese by inhaling first.


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