So Sorry

Dec. 13,14 were two nights of magnificent meteor showers. On the 13th I was not sure I could see the sky through the thick clouds and rain. About 9:30 PM it was clear and full of meteors. Short shooting stars moved continually. Due to the cold weather i went inside about 10:30 to watch through the window. I really did try to get you a photograph. This was all I could do. So sorry. Especially after I tell you about the shower on the 14th.

On the next night it was clear and crisp. Meteors shot across the sky one seemed to travel right over the house. Breath taking.
Orian’s Belt, the 7 sisters, milky way should proud. One shot through the milky way and I remember when I lived on the reservation the grandmothers taught the souls of all people gather in the milky way and when you see a shooting star it means an ancestor is returning. The ancestor’s soul returns and enters into the new born at birth.


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