In the middle of the night the heat switched off. Too cold and dark to do anything so I snuggled under the blankets until sunrise.
I’m not a big fan of electricity having been struck by lightening and a second time standing in water as electric current ran through it and me.
So here I am flipping switches to no avail. I walk around the place until i find another box at a right angle so it is impossible to see inside and caged up behind chicken wire and mesh. I rip that apart and see a switch. Can’t tell what it might control but I flip it on and off a few times.
Returning inside I mess with the circuit breaker some more. Finally get power and start the mini Mr. coffee. Power goes off. Walk outside to the power pole and look at it for awhile. Definitely NOT going to pull that handel!
Repeat earlier actions off on on off walk away and repeat. Something seems to have worked and a light bulb stays on for a few minutes.
Off the DMV to exchange my license and tags. A 30 mile drive easy road. Only to find out i forgot to bring my passport drive back get passport but can’t find title. Drive 40 miles in the other direction to the “big city” thinking they might be able to communicate via internet about the title. No luck. The photobooth is broken so no license pictures can be taken and no I must get the title.
Back the 40 plus 10 to the library to use a computer to print a form. It will be $35 for the title and $9 to process.
Well, at least I accomplished something I got a form and books to read.
Back at the house i figure I really need to accomplish something today. So I fill the bed of the truck with some of the trash the previous owner left me. I drive to the dump or refuse recycling service, only to find the gate being locked. It is 3:05 of course it closes at 3 pm. He smiled and told me to come back at 7:30 am. So i drive back home with a truck full of trash.
I am beginning to worry about the broken mirror. Do you think it has anything to do with today?


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  1. jsnice
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 15:45:37

    Please come home whoever you are, sounds like some one is giving you a huge hint and a lot of obstructions. If it is good intention there would be no rift raft, it would guide you to where you are suppose to be and put you in caring hands . If not it is not to be, trust me do not fight it, but learn to resist and walk away. I resisted all my life and tried to make good out of bad situations look for a person, why’s and it only fed my stalker and her friends, so the game on for over twenty five years Take her heart… yes I know evil.. Beware what spirit is telling you.


  2. Barbara
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 17:50:37

    Nope. Not the broken mirror, wrong kind of bad luck. Broken mirror bad luck would be that you cut your feet up walking over broken glass, started bleeding profusely, couldn’t get a cab to hospital in town, bandaged up your feet, got in an accident on the way to the hospital, got an anaerobic infection, had your feet amputated, etc.
    Did you figure out the source of your power outage? Some rodent walking across the wrong line? If so, it was the rodent’s fought! He set off the cascade of events.


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