When you move from a land of neon lights, sin city or what ever other metaphors for Las Vegas to the side of a mountain where the only thing that is 24/7 is the sound of birds, crickets the knowledge that there is a huge rattlesnake some place in that bush even if you can’t see it or hear it, Gila monsters, javalina, and deadly centipedes you realize not much has changed. That is except for the most awe inspiring night sky that heralds the universe with stars, breath taking views and kind people and of course your goal for black Friday.

For the first time ever I am off to shop on BLACK FRIDAY. The hardware store sent a coupon for 50%off any one thing under $30. I am about to climb into my truck, drive to town and buy an axe or hatchet, my first ever black Friday purchase. One needs to cut wood to stay warm.

At night I dream of a back hoe. Yes, life has changed.


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