Worst Drive Best visit or Broken Mirror

Leaving for Las Vegas

Sunrise beautiful day for a trip
Return from storage

Return trip took an extra 21/2 hours due to all the accidents and semi-trucks lying on their sides. After the third one I didn’t know if I should start to worry or be grateful someone was looking out for me. Then I remembered the broken mirror.
As I was digging through storage I saw the mirror and just felt “Oh no, this is going to break.” so it got moved to a safe place outside. After I finished I put the mirror back having decided I didn’t believe in bad luck. As soon as it was safely placed on the side I heard a crack. Broke right down the middle. I knew it. The heck with it. I moved more stuff around to the tune of mirror shattering. Closed and locked the storage.
That night I spent with a great friend. One who read on my blog I wished I had oatmeal cookies. She baked amazing cookies. Now that is a good friend.
Of course as I drove the broken mirror crossed my mind. The first accident caused a major delay and took over an hour to exit the freeway. The second one had us down to two lanes. The third was a pile up of cars but by then I was in another state so felt progress. The fourth was a single trailer truck lying on its side. Shortly after i sat in rush hour traffic for another hour.
It all gave me lots to think about. The broken mirror. But every event happened before I reached that point. So it sounds more like I was lucky not unlucky.


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