Night Sky

It has been a very long time since last I posted. The missing time has entailed living in 3 different states. Actual states, states of mind would total perhaps infinity or at least thousands. Tonight the weather is changing. It has become fall with dropping temperatures.

Up until this point I slept with one eye open and my hand ready to defend against man, beast or weather as there were no walls, no door and many openings to welcome unwanted creatures. For now I am safely encased within 4 walls and a roof with a magnificent hand made wooden door. Although I am not sure about the solidity of the roof. That is to be disclosed when the monsoons hit.

When you live open to the environment both nature and man it can be magnificent and terrifying. The ability to close a door and know you will not be awoken by a mountain lion or stranger is comforting. This allows one to be in awe of the night sky with a magnitude of stars. The insignificance of one human standing alone under a galaxy of incomprehensible magnitude and power.

To say it gives cause to ponder the meaning of life or if there are other beings in the universe is to minimize and reduce the power of the moment to mundane triviality. No night sky can compare, not the beauty of Wyoming nor the enchantment of New Mexico.

The Big Dipper stands proudly defined. The Milky Way and others speak loudly. The darkness is thick and the knowledge vast. I had to cast my eyes downward. I could not handle or prolong the vision. I know the stars continue to dance, whisper and evolve just outside my door but for now I choose to stay inside and try to assimilate the magnificence of our galaxy.


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