No Pants

This morning I was in the middle of getting dressed when I decided I was hungry and it being 10 am I should actually make breakfast. I had little chopped meat, frozen french bread and lettuce. So pbviously breakfast was a burger. Not having any mayonnaise it was up to me to spice it well. all was going great. I took the French Bread from the refrigerator smacked it against the  Cabinet corner and broke off the exact right size. Nice!

Next I put the frozen bread in the oven to broil. Too thick so I get my bread knife to cut it down the middle.  If you have ever tried to cut frozen bread it is a bit of a challenged. As I am cutting I think what if the knife slips and I  cut off my finger? I don’t have any pants on! I cut a bit more then thought this is not good. The bread went back in the oven, my pants went on and I finished cutting the bread without incident. I could only imagine the horror if I had not put on my pants. Would they take me to the hospital without pants? I think from now on I shall always dress completely before cooking or cutting frozen bread.


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