Artist: different ways of seeing

I began life as an artist, a visual artist who worked in the 3-dimentional world bending and manipulating materials until they told the story bursting to emerge. Later I actually went to College for sculpture. Nothing made me happier than to be covered in the dirt, clay or the enchanting process of cast bronze.

At the same time I had another love, dance and the movement of the body became my expression coupled with the visual art. It all was a process of storytelling.  Poetry invaded this mode of expression.  It was all exciting and moving while evolving, growing into an honesty and reality that was recognized my galleries and competitive shows. But life has a way of taking us down another path.

The old story of love, marriage, children, reality, divorce and the need to earn money in a secure way so I could have health, car insurance and a home for my children. I turned to teaching, began to draw and paint.  At which time my expression turned to texture. Now years later my children are adult and I am free to explore and unmask the story within me.

Now my son is an amazing tattoo artist. Looking around the tattoo shop and at his art I had an epiphany, actually, it was a redundant whispering come to light and focus. The art of tattoo is flat.  Flat because the body it is put upon is 3-D, it moves and has a surface with a life of it’s own. Visual art of the fine art definition is even when 2-D, as in drawing or painting, printmaking must become alive in the movement and dimensionality so the paint becomes alive.  

While studying oil painting the instructor had us paint eggs, raw and boiled so just by looking at the painting one cook tell.  Next it was pears so the fruit could be tasted by your eyes.

I feel as if I am viewing the optical illusion drawings. The flat tattoo that becomes alive and 3-D back to the alive & 3-D drawing on the flat surface to the dance and movement, to sculpture and manipulation of a material.  I so much better understand the art of Pollack who danced the washes and splotches of color on canvas, for the art resting on a huge canvas was the result of his dance.

Words can not explain although there are many that flow, dance evoke emotion but it is through the head and understanding. Yet, words too make us laugh and cry, fall in love or grow furious. Each path is in itself a new and separate language.  A language that is so amazing that even if we do not speak it we can understand and experience it through the vibrancy of its soul.

Just a different way of seeing.


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