Today I am Tired

Today I am tired.

I am tired of hearing you complain then reading some awful platitude you post or happy happy affirmation. I know you because I read what you wrote just earlier and for the past years I have known you and not one of your positive love life and the world comments have entered or even touched your heart and soul.  That you speak so righteously of, is non-existent in your world.

I was listening to a tape the other day. Yes, I did say tape. Sam Keen: Collection of Myths we live and Die By It speaks about Joseph Campbell and his teachings on myth. It was published in 1988 where he makes predictions for and about the future of humanity. How in the 19th century the focus was all about becoming an individual and standing up alone. He states his fear for the future if by the 20th century we do not learn to live together.  He speaks of the need for community and people who have been at war to learn to live in harmony.

Keen speaks about the institutions, the companies polluting the air, governmental fractions warning now is the time to live in harmony with the natural world to join together and save the earth, humanity, live.  There was not one platitude or affirmation only eye opening truth.

“History calls us to dwell together as a community of sentient beings.” Keen So just for a moment stop being more loving, more spiritual more guru than the one next to you and become a collaboration of sentient beings in harmony.


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