The Soul of an Artist

Artists are blamed for causing revolutions and uprisings.  Artist being any creative soul be it visual, dance, poetry, drama or music and those inbetween that I did not list.

Throughout history and even today as art is deemed superfluous by government leaders and school districts. Evolutionary biologists overlook art and religion as having no value. Yet human capacity to respond to the arts has been critical to the evolutionary process as is the need to create art. Rituals, often made up of drumming, music dance and body painting reinforce a group connection and like-mindedness. Ceremonies often motivated by fear or anxiety respond to these uncertainies by giving feelings of competence and a sense of security.

Like the mathematician it is rhythmical, sequential and organized therefore it gains attention, guides the emotions and reinforces the memory. By dancing with the rhythms one can face fears or protect life as a chemical release of hormones in the brain create a feeling of pleasure.

Next come the magical herbs or scents.  Our sense of smell is the strongest of all our senses triggering the most powerful emotions and memories. Until finally the visual symbols, images. Art uses the symbols as it uses any system, or stories, objects, recording events, ideas and if you review the more recent art history you will see this exemplified through pop art, the dance of Jackson Pollock as he pours his paint off a bridge onto the canvas, or the happenings of the 60’s, installation art, street art, or art that has become clothing.

Today the government insults by juxtaposing something with the “simple mindedness” of basket weaving. Humans have an inherent need for art. Yet, the general attitude is that artists are deviant, dangerous and art is superfluous and only for the elite. Today the superstars command power over the culture.  Many believe that during the 60’s some of the most influential singers were “killed” because of their words being so powerful. Even Banksy one of my favorite street artists has become homogenized and commercialized to tableware and decoration for the elite.

There is a whole society of those artists who are not commercially successful and yet are still compelled to create their art. These artists and those of “no value” choose the calling over a more lucrative employment are labeled as a potential source of trouble. For these are the artists that stir things up. they reach out and engage the human spirit and emotions. Artists have always challenged the dogma of the status quo. Society attempts to censure the outsider artist and yet this inate desire to create and express can not be squelched.

Children fall under the spell of video games, or adults at the slot machine,  just as the tribal groups succumbed to the beat of the drums. Ethnologists label this as a response to supernormal signals. Yet isn’t it our souls longing for expression, for answers to those questions we have searched the meaning of throughout all times?

How does your soul cry out to create?


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