Never Sorry

Ai WeiWei is a Chinese artist and the film is a must see about his life as an artist and political activist.

I would like to share and start for discussion some of the ideas I have gotten from watching the film.

1. Artists can easily offend other people.  Perhaps it is the nature of the beast, being a creative person and exposing what is in your mind, heart, soul.  There will always be one who is offended. Never be sorry for that which you create and express if it is genuine…from you.

2. The difference between cats and people: cats will open a door but never close it.  How profound.  It puts you right down on your bum and you can do nothing but contemplate all the aspects of that statement. Perhaps as create persons, artists we need to leave more doors open and as humans I would say that was a definite. Be like a cat and leave the door open. Don’t close it!

3. When interviewed one of the assistants who did the actual physical work on the sculpture said,” I am a hired assassin, I do not ask questions why, I just do.”

How many times must we write an artist statement? From now on that will become my opening line.  I am an assassin, I do not question why I create art I simply do because there is no other way of being for me than to create art.  When working on a piece I do not sit and ponder where the idea came from or why this not that is the driving force to do. I simply follow the urge or perhaps the instinct to do, to create, I do not question the idea, nor the concept and instinctively go to the material be it cement or watercolor that best helps me express the desire burning within my soul.  I simply do what it dictates. I create therefore I am an assassin. I just do without question.  I follow the creative order to create.

Now it is your turn please post your comments.


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