Just wanted to offer up an ending

Didn’t want to leave you hanging so here is the conclusion.

Tried the curling thing but my hair just puffed so did a bit of hot roller until as usual it cooled itself off so gave up put it in a clip.  Went from black to white back to the black outfit.  Liked the black changed the shirt from flowers to violet to sky blue.  Of course the earrings had to change. Put on make up, un-clipped the hair slid in two bobby pins and off I went.

First miracle I did not get lost driving over to the location. The interview was easy. The two men friendly and professional not aloof or trying to prove they are better than anyone like most interviewers play. Great interview, good questions and I had good answers.  Who knows but they said I should hear in a week.  It would be a nice place to work.

So I head home content and starving. Pick up an avocado for a treat. Slice a tomato and my finger.  Rinse the cut, put on some lavender oil and make my sandwich. Life is back on track.


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