A Moment in the Life

Last night I washed the new shirt I bought for my job interview today. Waking up to make the perfect cup of coffee in my French cafe’ glass then strolled into the bathroom to see how things had dried. Perfect. Carefully placing the glass on the edge of the tub a thought runs through my mind,”The glass will fall.

Listen to your foresight they are always corrects. ” Don’t do it.”  So of course I did making the deal that it would be only for a moment.  No opportunity for misfortune to happen. Always listen to those gentle warnings screaming in your head.  ALWAYS!

You likely have guessed the scenario. I reach for the perfect cup when pow it falls into the tub sliding up and down spilling all the contents not just inside the tub but up the sides and down over the floor, It is baffling how much a small glass can contain.  Thanks goodness for French chemistry the glass was neither broken nor chipped but the second cup was no where as delicious as the first. Not that I was not relieved and grateful not to be picking up broken glass. Most importantly the new clean clothes were untouched by coffee.

I did not plan to wash my hair but the ends were covered in coffee and a bit too sticky to escape notice. I will have to wash it. This sounds like a non issue except that my hair is down to my waist half in waves and ringlets the other straight as a stick. It will cut into my “freaking out time” and changing of outfits although it was all laid out the night before. Today being a new day and new attitude. It brings with it changes.

This means I must do my hair. Curling iron which cools off just when you need it to be hot. flat iron, or Velcros.  Do I dry my hair first?

Why is my hair so important? Because the fever blister on my lip is in full bloom in spite of all the natural and pharmaceutical remedies I applied. I need a distraction that is professional. I’m getting a bit frazzled here. Only four hours until I leave for my interview so I best get into the shower, wash my hair and give myself time to change clothes until I finally put on what I planned to wear the first time and redo my hair until I give up wondering why I ever bothered in the first place.


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