I will never organize again!

After great struggle and switching back of my decision I finally committed to staying in my apt for a year. So it required I organize, rearrange and basically move everything in my apt to another space to make room for my drawing table and mini art studio.  Part of this organization is to stop putting up with things like a slightly clogged drain. Taking one of my favorite files I slip it down the drain and pull up the hair I knew was hidden and clogging things up.  But the pixies must have been having a boring day and watching me was the mornings activity.

Slip! In a blink of a pixies eye the file was down the drain and out of reach.  No problem I will just get my needle nose pliers and pull it out. Ha ha. I organized. Neatly put things away. And have absolutely no idea where it is.

After checking all the normal locations which are no longer in existence since they have been moved too I have yet to find the pliers. So I wasted an hour hunting and trying alternatives.  Where are those giant magnets when you need them? I broke down and went to the office to ask for maintenance.  Oh, he is out of state on vacation, not sure when he’s coming back. Wonderful my favorite file is sitting in the drain rusting away.  Perhaps the darkness will keep the pixies and light out so the process will slow down. At least until maintenance returns.

So here I am with absolutely no idea where anything is in my neatly organized and put away apt.


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